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A Day in the Life of an Account Manager
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A Day in the Life of a National Account Manager

"I love the customers that I work with on a daily basis and the relationships that we are able to build through continued phone and email contact. It is truly rewarding when a client places their second order with me. I start my day by checking emails and voice mails left from the evening before from my West Coast customer base. By 8:30 AM, I am ready to take my first new leads, which come through on the telephone as well as through our website. Quoting out building projects is exciting as each project is a little bit different. Learning about diverse applications means I am constantly gaining new knowledge about how our products can be used. In between inbound phone calls from new and existing customers, I make outbound calls to quotes that I am working on moving towards the sale. My day flies by! I love posting big sales numbers and watching what the other National Account Managers are achieving. We truly operate as one big team."Kathleen Osgood
"The most satisfying part of my job is helping so many people with our amazing product solutions. Whether the customer wants to purchase their first greenhouse, storage building, or simply needs replacement equipment, I really enjoy our unique sales process. From the time I arrive at my desk every morning, I work hard to develop existing customer relationships and am eager to speak with new customers. Unlike other sales positions, we have customers constantly calling us, providing each National Account Manager with a steady stream of leads. The days pass quickly as activities range from writing thank-you notes, speaking with new customers, to having that great conversation with the repeat customer who has become a friend. We constantly introduce new products, and our training programs are incredible!"Geoff Ching

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